When Training Is Not Enough

So, you've done the right thing You did all the research and found yourself the best dog trainer. He or she has experience, formal qualifications in animal training, uses only positive reinforcement, has great reviews from other clients - you decide that you can trust them to sort out all your dog's behaviour issues.... And then they refer you to someone else. A vet. Maybe one with extra qualifications in behaviour. Maybe even a veterinary behaviour specialist. Why? Are they trying to avoid the work? Or maybe they are just not tough enough to take on the serious issues? Should you start to look for another trainer - someone who is willing to take on anything? No, no and no! If you have conta

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Thank you for visiting my website! I am currently on maternity leave. Don't worry -  I am still able to provide Puppy Manuals and other puppy school support materials, but it just may take me up to a week to reply to your email. 


Please note that I am not offering behaviour consultations at this time. For alternative referral options please click here.

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