Dr Jen of Pet Perspective


Gail Hudson of Woofs and Wags Pet Dog Training

are pleased to introduce

Reactive Dog Classes on the Central Coast of NSW.

Reactive dogs may jump up and down on the end of the lead, or perhaps bark, growl or lunge at other dogs. It is stressful and exhausting going for a walk - both for the dog and for the person on the other end of the leash! 

If you feel that your dog is frustrated, anxious, or out of control on walks and you would like to learn how to introduce some calm to the situation, then these classes are for you. 

Reactive dog classes are run in a very controlled setting, with low numbers of dogs. We teach using the science of behaviour, so our methods involve positive reinforcement rather than force. We work to keep both you and your dog calm and relaxed at all times, so that you can focus on developing new skills as a team. With commitment and practice, you and your dog can actually look forward to going out on walks!

Not all dogs are suited for group training sessions. Check if your dog meets the requirements:

1. Reacts to other dogs when on the lead 

2. Is fine with people approaching and working closely around him/her

3. Has no history of biting, nipping or otherwise injuring another dog or human

4. Has had some prior training (eg. sitting, lying down on command)

Classes do not guarantee a cure, or aim to 'fix' your dog. We will provide you with the tools and exercises that you can utilise and develop, to manage your reactive dog and teach them to look to you for instruction. We work at your dog's pace, so the course is tailored to you specifically. As such, there is no fixed endpoint we are aiming for, just a progression towards calm in increasingly challenging situations. 


Classes run in Somersby, over five evenings, the first of which is a humans-only workshop.

We still have an introductory special of $275 for the 5 week course. This amount must be paid in full to secure your spot.

To register your interest, please contact us at:

contactpetperspective@gmail.com or


We look forward to hearing from you and helping you and your furry friend!

Jen and Gail