Puppy School Essentials

Do you run puppy classes?
Or maybe you are thinking about starting?
Catch up with all the latest in this one day course, presented by Dr Jennifer Nesbitt-Hawes of Pet Perspective.

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We address scientifically sound and ethical methods of teaching puppy school, from setting up a class, to how to handle problem puppies. See more details below.
Attendees also recieve special discounted offers on Pet Perspective Puppy School packages. 


Reading puppy body language:

This is the most important thing you will teach in puppy classes!

Learn to interpret both obvious and more subtle body language and how to teach owners

to do the same.

Kids and dogs:

How to deal with kids in the puppy class situation.

Rules for owners to set up for kids and dogs at home.

How to teach dogs to behave around kids and kids to behave around dogs.


What is socialisation and how should we approach it?

We’ll discuss the role of play in puppy class, as well as the important balance between providing enough stimulation and overwhelming pups.


Appropriate training methods:

Reinforcement vs punishment; the best way to train puppies, and how to get owners on board.

What exercises should you teach in puppy school and how? Fun games to get people involved.


Husbandry training for puppies: 

Puppy handling and care. How to teach puppies to accept husbandry procedures like grooming, ear care and muzzling. 

Puppy problems and problem puppies:

Troubleshooting solutions for common puppy problems (biting, jumping up, stealing objects), how to toilet train puppies.

How to recognise when the problem is more serious (anxiety and aggression) and what to do about it.

Setting up your puppy class:

We will cover the practicalities of how to set up the area and manage enrolments for a successful puppy class. How many puppies? What age should they be? How many sessions should each class be? What kind of class notes should you use?



I am a novice. Will I be able to run puppy classes after I attend this seminar?

Puppy classes are one of the most complex and demanding dog training classes. This course on it's own won't make you a great puppy school instructor. What it will do is give you an overview of what's involved, as well as providing the latest updates in running a professional, ethical, and fun puppy class, to your best possible standards.


I am a qualified trainer and have been running puppy class for years. Is this seminar going to benefit me?

It’s always so hard to know, isn’t it!? I have been to courses previously that I thought would just be good revision and then my mind has been blown by someone with a new perspective, or teaching things I didn’t know I didn’t  know. If you do come and already know a lot of the material, then it's also good to refresh and know you’re on the right track! But let me give you a bit of an outline.

The sections on timing, why we use positive reinforcement in training, and how to lure, reinforce, add cues etc you are probably all fine with. And you’ll probably have a handle on the troubleshooting section where there’ll be a bit of Susan Friedman’s ‘what would you like the puppy to do instead’!


What’s new or different? 

-There’s a shift in focus from puppy class as an early training forum, to understanding body language and ensuring owners can ‘read’ their puppies/dogs, and the recognition of the emotional health of our pups as the basis for the learning. Parts may be similar to the focus of Dr Sarah Heath’s lecture series recently at the Delta conference. 

-There will also be a talk on dogs and kids, similar to Colleen Pelar’s work on that topic, amongst other things. 

-The idea of husbandry training as part of puppy class is something that Kersti and others have advocated in Puppy classes in the last couple of years, and this will also be covered. 

-There’s also a bit on recognising pups with behaviour problems especially anxiety, at the level of puppy school, and what to do about it. 

-There’ll also be a few hints on different setup options from myself, as well as some great suggestions I’ve borrowed from gurus like Dr Sarah Heath and Chirag Patel. 

I’m a bit of a conference addict, so try to get to as many of the veterinary behaviour and dog training continuing education as possible - and then blend it all together to give you the best puppy school information possible! 


Will there be puppies?

No. Puppies are simply too cute. I just can't compete with their charms. I will, however, try and include puppy videos and bask in their reflected glory. 

Any more information?

There'll be loads more at the seminar! It’ll be great to see you there. Please let me know if you have any other questions, I’m happy to answer as best I can!


Thank you for visiting my website! I am currently on maternity leave. Don't worry -  I am still able to provide Puppy Manuals and other puppy school support materials, but it just may take me a few days to reply to your email. 


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