Key Points:

- Up to date, evidence based information

- Force free techniques

- Tailored to your business

- Mobile friendly version

- Licensing permissions to distribute both print AND digital versions


To provide the best, up-to-date advice to your clients, tailored for your vet clinic or training business, you need ‘The Puppy Manual’ by Dr Jen Nesbitt-Hawes BVSc MVSt MANZCVS (Veterinary Behaviour).


Up to date, evidence based information

This 80-page manual covers everything a new puppy owner needs to know including:

  • Reading puppy body language (and being able to detect early signs of anxiety or discomfort)

  • Socialisation (how this should be approached – not just ‘exposure’ but monitoring closely to ensure positive experiences)

  • Appropriate training methods (what is positive reinforcement, why we use it, and how to teach puppies)

  • Troubleshooting (common puppy behaviour problems and what to do about them)

It also discusses health care, crate training, toilet training, how to use a reward marker, and setting puppies up for success.

Tailored to your business

Best of all, it is customised to your business. It will have your logo and business name, on the front page and header. It will have your contact information inside. If you happen to stock any of the products mentioned (enzymatic cleaners, soap free shampoo, Kong toys or other enrichment devices, walking harnesses, dental chews etc), then your puppy manual can direct clients to your business. If you have a particular protocol for what happens on the day of desexing, or if you offer agility classes, or want to add in any other details, the Puppy Manual will be edited to reflect that, and make it yours.

Mobile friendly version

The new mobile friendly Puppy Manual has larger font size for reading on mobile devices. It contains hyperlinks to suggested books, YouTube videos and helpful websites. Naturally, this can include links to your website for various information specific to your business. The Puppy Manual mobile-friendly version also contains navigation links, so people can find information fast. 

Licensing permissions to distribute both print AND digital versions

You will be given ongoing copyright permission to distribute printed versions of the entire manual to your clients, or print off individual pages to use as behaviour handouts. The Extended license also allows you to share the pdf electronically to individual clients (i.e. by email, private link, or dropbox invitation). You may not post the Manual anywhere that it is accessible to the general public.



1. Check it out!

Request a sample, read the reviews, ask questions. Once you are happy...


2. Request an invoice

Let me know who the copyright license will belong to (either an individual or business name is fine). Choose whether you'd like to include the Puppy Powerpoint presentation, The Kitten Manual, or the online video course as part of your bundle.


3. Payment

You can pay using PayPal, or direct deposit.


4. Receive your Puppy Manual pdf

Do a little happy dance!


5. Make it yours!

Read your copy and send me a list of edits. Be sure to include your logo, business name, contact details, and any changes to the text (or font, or layout) that you like. I will make the changes (as long as they fit with a force free philosophy), then send you your finalised pdf.


6. Use it!

Print your very own Puppy Manual as an entire document for new puppy owners, or print out sections to use as behavioural handouts. Share either via print OR electronically to individual clients (i.e. by email, private link, or dropbox invitation).

  • Send out the document as soon as a client has paid for enrolment (they don’t have to wait for your first session to receive all the good advice).

  • Some clients are more likely to read a document if it’s available on their device. Some are more likely to read printed documents. Make both options available and ensure to ensure more people read all the great advice. 

  • Save time and money by not having to print and collate.

  • Save trees 😊

  • The manual looks fancier in colour!

The Puppy Manual Extended License is AUD$825, for your personalised document provided to your business as a pdf file.To view the contents page, a sample of the document, or to find out more about other services, please email


1. Pet Perspective maintains a force-free philosophy, using positive reinforcement methods to help pets and their people. When editing or utilising Pet Perspective products, behavioural advice must be in keeping with this philosophy. 

2.    You will hold ongoing copyright permission to distribute both printed and/or digital copies of the entire document, or selections to use as handouts, to your own clients. You may share either via print OR electronically to individual clients (i.e. by email, private link, or dropbox invitation). You may not make any part of the digital version of the document available for access by the general public. You may not onsell the Puppy Manual in any form, to any third party.

3.    Editing the document is encouraged, however in order to protect the integrity of the document, all edits to the The Puppy Manual must be approved by Dr Jen Nesbitt-Hawes. You may not edit or make additions to the document without permission. If you have purchased the PowerPoint presentation, you do have permission to edit this yourself (limited to force free advice as per the first condition).