Veterinary Behaviour Consultations

What does a veterinary behaviour consult involve?

The initial consultation runs for around 2 hours. It is preferable that all adults in the home attend the consultation, as well as your pet, of course! During this initial consultation, we will discuss your pet's behavioural history in detail, using the questionnaire you have completed. 

Your pet will be assessed for any underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to their behaviour.

We will explain the physiological and historical factors that form a basis for your pet's behaviour. The prognosis for improvement will also be discussed.

We will develop a behavioural modification plan, tailored specifically to you and your pet. The plan may include:

  • management techniques

  • body language interpretation to allow you and your pet to communicate more effectively

  • calming exercises

  • behavioural enrichment programs

  • training specific skills using positive reinforcement

  • desensitisation and counter-conditioning techniques

Medications may be prescribed, if they are indicated. The cost of medications is not included in the consultation fee.

Revisit consultations are often required - behaviour problems have often developed over time and take time to improve. Additionally, every individual responds differently to behavioural modification techniques and medications. Adjustments are frequently required to get things just right for your pet and your family.

Please note: A veterinary behaviour consult is not aimed at 'fixing' your pet. Some problem behaviours can be overcome with management and improvement in communication between you and your pet. However, some behaviour problems are mental health problems. These are truly medical cases and may require lifelong management and treatment, much like a patient with diabetes. 

Where do you consult?

Vet behaviour consultations with Pet Perspective take place on the Central Coast of NSW. For patients with dogs, the following venues are available:

Doyalson Animal Hospital                                                          423 Scenic Rd, Doyalson

 East Gosford Progress Hall (Meeting Room)           10 Henry Parry Dr, East Gosford  

                                                                                                                     (House trained dogs only – this room is carpeted)

Matcham Hall                                                                        60 Coachwood Dr, Matcham

Home visits are also available - please contact Dr Jen if you would prefer this option. Home visits are recommended for cats, and additional travel fees may be charged. Please email us for an estimate based on your location. If you have another species of animal requiring consultation, then just send us an email.

What does a veterinary behaviour consult cost?


Initial consultations cost $440 and include the assessment process detailed above, the behavioural modification plan, a written report and follow up. Initial prescriptions for medications are also included in this cost. Please note that continued provision of prescriptions requires recheck consultations. 

Follow up consultations last approximately an hour and cost $195.

Items such as medications, pheromone products, walking and handling accessories are not included in these prices.

What do I need to do to organise a veterinary behaviour consult?

1. Get in touch. Email or call Dr Jen to briefly discuss whether a behaviour consult is right for your pet.


2. Fill out the appropriate questionnaire and send it to us by email:

Dog Questionnaire
Cat Questionnaire

3. Have a physical examination performed on your pet by your regular veterinarian, if it is safe to do so. Please ask for a digital copy of your pet's medical records to be sent to us by email. 

4. Many patients require blood testing (complete blood count, biochemistry including T4). This will screen for underlying disease that may contribute to a patient's behavioural problem and ensure that medications (if they are required) are safe to give. There is no obligation to have blood testing done prior to attending a consult, but it can provide useful information. Contact Dr Jen to discuss whether blood testing is recommended for your pet.

5. Contact Dr Jen to make an appointment.


Please note: Dr Jen Nesbitt-Hawes is not a Veterinary Behaviour Specialist. Click here to find out more.