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Puppy School Instructors' Course

Essential up-to-date information on running fun, positive reinforcement based, puppy classes

Course Curriculum

Presented by Dr Jen Nesbitt-Hawes BVSc (Hons) MVSt (Wild Med) MANZCVS (Veterinary Behavour) Scientifically sound and ethical methods of teaching puppy classes,

from setting up a class, to how to handle problem puppies. 

This course contains 8 hours of accredited continuing education:

7 KPA CEUs, 10 PPGA CEUs, CCPDT (6 CEUs for trainers 2 CEUs for behavior consultants)  

Dog with open mouth looking interested and engaged

Puppy Body Language

The most important thing you will teach in puppy classes!

Learn to interpret both obvious and more subtle body language and teach guardians to do the same.

using a treat to reinforce a puppy

Training -
What you need to know

Reinforcement vs punishment; the best way to train puppies, how to get owners on board.

A girl sitting with a puppy

Kids and Dogs

How to deal with kids in the puppy class situation.

Rules for owners to set up for kids and dogs at home.

How to teach dogs to behave around kids and kids to behave around dogs.

A puppy walking through a kids toy tunnel as habituation

Training -
Practical lessons

What exercises should you teach in puppy school and how? Fun games to get people involved.

socialisation of a dog with a cow


What is socialisation and how should we approach it?

We’ll discuss the role of play in puppy class, as well as the important balance between providing enough stimulation and overwhelming pups.

a puppy learning a chin rest for co-operative care

Co-operative Care

Puppy handling and care. Teach puppies to accept husbandry procedures like grooming, ear care and muzzling. 

a puppy with a shoe in its mouth

Puppy Problems and Problem Puppies

Troubleshooting solutions for common puppy problems. 

How to recognise when the problem is more serious (anxiety and aggression) and what to do about it.

A puppy on a lead

Setting up
Your Puppy Class

How to set up the area and manage enrolments for a successful puppy class. Class structure including whether to feature play sessions. Discussion of resources for client support.

Group discounts available for
Puppy School Instructors' Course



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