Key Points:

- Up-to-date, evidence-based information

- Force-free techniques

- Sections extracted from The Puppy Manual and/or The Kitten Manual, formatted and tailored individually to your business. 

- Your logo and business name on each of the Handouts.

- Have an easily accessible, printable document ready to go, for whenever a client needs specific information.

- Purchase a pack of 10 handouts without the Puppy Manual for $280.

OR Purchase as an add-on to The Puppy Manual for only $175.

OR choose individual handouts which most suit your needs, for $20 - $30 each.

Up to date, evidence based information

Popular handout topics:

  • Understanding your puppy 

    • Reading puppy body language​

    • Why this is the most important thing clients can learn

  • Socialisation

    • NOT just exposure​

    • How to balance vaccination and socialisation

  • Puppy-proofing and Toilet training

    • Setting your puppy up for success​

    • Toilet training guide

    • Crate training

    • Managing destructive chewing

  • How dogs learn (and why not punishment)

    • Reinforcement vs punishment​

    • Side effects of punishment

    • What you should do instead

  • Kids and Dogs

    • Setting house rules​

    • Be a tree

    • Greeting dogs

  • Troubleshooting Puppy Problems

    • Addressing common puppy problems​

    • Jumping up

    • Digging

    • Biting

    • Eating poop

    • Myths and misconceptions

    • Step-by-step summary for solving problems

  • Walking on a lead

    • Loose leash walking

  • Settling on a mat

  • Muzzle training

    • Benefits all puppies, and adult dogs​ too

  • Puppy health care

    • Pet insurance​

    • Feeding your puppy

    • Vaccinations

    • Worming

    • Microchipping

    • Desexing

  • Puppy School Cheat sheets

    • Highlight summaries for each week of your puppy class

  • Kitten versions of many of the above handouts are also available. 

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5. Make it yours!

Each handout will include your logo and business name. If you have the Puppy Manual, your edits from the corresponding chapters will be copied to your Handout selections. You can also request other changes if you like. I will make the changes (as long as they fit with a force free philosophy), then send you your finalised pdf.


6. Use it!

Print your handouts for any clients who need them, for puppies or adult dogs. If you have an extended license, you can also share digitally!




By purchasing these handouts, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Pet Perspective maintains a force-free philosophy, using positive reinforcement methods to help pets and their people. When editing or utilising Pet Perspective products, behavioural advice must be in keeping with this philosophy. 

2. You will hold ongoing copyright permission to distribute printed copies of the handouts. You may not distribute the digital version of the handouts, or their contents. You may not onsell the handouts in any form, to any third party.

3. Editing the documents is encouraged, however in order to protect the integrity of the document, all edits must be approved by Dr Jen Nesbitt-Hawes. You may not edit or make additions to the documents without permission.