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Key Points:

Up-to-date, evidence-based information

- Force-free techniques

Complements information presented in The Puppy Manual

- 3-10 minute videos for busy people on-the-go!

Subscribe as a business to receive free access for your puppy school students 

- Monthly or annual subscriptions available

You'll find this icon throughout The Puppy                                                Manual. It notifies you when the content is                                              also available in video format, as part of our

fabulous new online course.

No matter what we might wish, some people

won't have the time to read all of the Puppy Manual. Others learn better by hearing information, or more comfortable watching in video format. 

Puppy owners can subscribe to the online videos themselves from this Puppy School Videos page. The cost is currently $18 per individual. However, if you as a business subscribe, all of your puppy school clients will have one year's free access to the course. A one year subsciption as a businesses is $160. (If you have 10 or more puppy owners in your classes per year, you've already got great value for money). 

Puppy learning at puppy school

Pet Professionals! Contact Dr Jen for a coupon code, then use the link below to get a sneak peek of the Video Course!

​Up to date, evidence based information

The videos cover:

  • Reading puppy body language (and being able to detect early signs of anxiety or discomfort). This is a 3-video module with a quiz.

  • Dominance and Dogmanship. This video examines why we no longer use dominance based methods and why we use positive reinforcement. 

  • Timing and Reward markers. 

  • Treats to use in training.

  • House training and Setting up for Success (Toilet training, chewing and more). 

  • Play

More videos on How to train, Socialisation and more are in the pipelines!

Short videos

People are busy, and puppy owners are no exception. Videos are 3-10 minutes in length, designed for people to fit in around their lifestyles. Captions are provided for people who are hard of hearing, or who want to watch their videos with no volume.

Complementary source of information

The same scientifically sound information that you'll find in The Puppy Manual is presented in a different format. More learning occurs when a person is presented with information that is repeated. You can refer people to the videos before they start your classes, for example if they are having trouble with house training. You can set video homework. If someone misses a class, they can catch up with some of the information more easily. 

Social distancing

Share information with clients remotely. Particularly handy during these challenging times.

Advantages of subscribing as a business
  • Send out the business-specific course link or code as soon as a client has paid for enrolment (they don’t have to wait for your first session to receive all the good advice).

  • Some clients don't like reading, or are more comfortable watching videos. We haven't got everything from The Puppy Manual on video (some parts they have to learn in person), but there is a lot of easily-accessible, friendly advice. 

  • Offering free video access is great value-adding for each client, who saves $18 just by coming to your class.


1.    Your business specific access code must be shared directly with individual clients, and may not be made available for access by the general public. You may not resell or sublicense access to the Puppy School Videos online course to any third party. 

2.    Puppy School Video course business subscriptions are valid for ONE YEAR from date of payment if paid annually, or one month if paid monthly. 

3.   Subscription Fees are non-refundable. You may cancel your subscription renewal at any time after you are billed for the then-current period, and before you are billed for the next period,  by emailing Dr Jen Nesbitt-Hawes.

4.  Subscription Fee charges are subject to change. You will be notified by email one month before your fee is due. If you choose not to make another payment, you will no longer have access to the Puppy School Video course.