Complement your puppy school intro session with a custom designed PowerPoint presentation.

The PowerPoint is designed to be presented by an instructor to a group of Puppy School attendees. It covers the information you want new puppy owners to know before starting class:

  • Reading puppy body language (Photographs and discussion points, to help you explain to owners how to detect early signs of anxiety or discomfort)

  • Socialisation

    • How this should be approached – not just ‘exposure’ but monitoring closely to ensure positive experiences.

    • Includes Copyright permission from ThatDogGeek to show their Socialisation YouTube video offline.

  • Appropriate training methods

    • What is positive reinforcement 

    • Why we use it

    • The importance of good timing (introducing bridging words and/or clickers)

    • How to teach puppies

  • Setting puppies up for success

    • Interactive graphic demonstrating why you need to set your puppy up for success by providing a puppy proof area.

  • BONUS section on Troubleshooting

    • For any questions that might crop up about common puppy behaviour problems.


There are presenter’s notes for each page. If you are not confident presenting, you can just read the text!


Permission to edit*: You can change the order, rewrite the notes, and choose certain sections to show at different times through your course. *Any changes must align with the force free philosophy of the Puppy Manual.

The Puppy School PowerPoint is AUD$275, for the document provided to your business as a digital file. The digital document is not for distribution, nor may the PowerPoint be made available for resale.



1. Check it out!

Request a sample, read the reviews, ask questions. Once you are happy...


2. Request an invoice

Let me know who the copyright license will belong to (either an individual or business name is fine). Choose whether you'd like the Puppy Powerpoint presentation as part of the bundle.


3. Payment

You can pay using PayPal, or direct deposit.


4. Receive your Puppy Manual pdf

Do a little happy dance!


5. Make it yours!

Read your copy and send me a list of edits. Be sure to include your logo, business name, contact details, and any changes to the text (or font, or layout) that you like. I will make the changes (as long as they fit with a force free philosophy), then send you your finalised pdf.


6. Use it!

Print your very own Puppy Manual as an entire document for new puppy owners, or print out sections to use as behavioural handouts.

By purchasing the Puppy Manual Powerpoint, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. You must be utilising only force-free/ positive reinforcement methods in teaching your classes and when providing behaviour advice.

2. You will hold ongoing copyright permission to show the PowerPoint to your clients. You may not distribute the digital version of the PowerPoint, or its contents. You may not onsell the PowerPoint in any form, to any third party.

3. You do have permission to edit the PowerPoint yourself (limited to force free advice as per the first condition), as it’s important that the information matches your speaking style and preferences. You can change the order, rewrite the notes, and choose certain sections to show at different times through your course. If you need any help with PowerPoint edits, I am more than happy to assist.

Thank you for visiting my website! I am currently on maternity leave. Don't worry -  I am still able to provide Puppy Manuals and other puppy school support materials, but it just may take me up to a week to reply to your email. 


Please note that I am not offering behaviour consultations at this time. For alternative referral options please click here.

Kind regards,


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