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The Puppy Manual

A comprehensive guide on puppy behaviour and care. Written by Dr Jen of Pet Perspective,

tailored to your business,

designed to educate pet guardians

and give puppies the best start.

The Puppy Manual

Written by Dr Jen Nesbitt-Hawes BVSc (Hons) MVSt (Wild Med) MANZCVS (Veterinary Behavour)


We've put in the time researching, writing, editing and creating this comprehensive guide for you, so you can concentrate on running your business ... or relax with your beverage of choice!


The Puppy Manual contains everything you want your new puppy families to know about behaviour, training, health and more. Topics include: - Reading body language (and being able to detect early signs of anxiety or discomfort) - Socialisation (how this should be approached – not just ‘exposure’ but monitoring closely to ensure positive experiences) - Appropriate training methods (what is positive reinforcement, why we use it, and how to teach puppies) - Troubleshooting (common puppy behaviour problems and what to do about them) It also discusses health care, crate training, toilet training, how to use a reward marker, and setting puppies up for success. You can download the full contents page and a free sample chapter in our Pet Perspective Pack.


The Puppy Manual is ready to go as it is, but we want it to be perfect for you. So each Manual is carefully tailored to reflect your business, with your information, tips, tricks and branding. Once you receive your pdf, read and review. We suggest that you ask all of your staff to read through too, as this collaborative process ensures everyone is up to date with behaviour and gives consistent advice to pet guardians. Then, you can request changes. Perhaps editorial changes to font, chapter order, style or local language spelling and idioms. Or product placement or references to services you provide. You can remove sections that don't apply (e.g. if you have no paralysis ticks in your area), or change the steps in a training sequence to mirror your own. The only caveat is that we will not make any changes that endorse the use of pain, force or fear.


Choose how you'd like to give your Puppy Manual to your clients. Either print yourself or have the option to distribute digital copies. There are two license options available:​ STANDARD LICENSE (PRINT DISTRIBUTION ONLY): Ongoing copyright permission to distribute printed versions of the entire manual to your clients, or print off individual sections to use as behaviour handouts. The digital document is not for distribution, nor may any version be made available for resale. EXTENDED LICENSE (PRINT AND DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION): AUD $845. A flexible licensing option allowing you to distribute The Puppy Manual digitally and/or by print. The digital version has larger font size for reading on mobile devices. It contains hyperlinks to suggested books, YouTube videos and helpful websites. It saves trees and printing costs, too! For a detailed comparison between the two license versions, please click here.

Who should purchase 
The Puppy Manual?

The Puppy Manual is designed for pet professionals to give to their clients.

Portrait of a Young Doctor
Dog Training
Going for a Drive

Veterinary Clinics

Dog Trainers

Dog Breeders

Rescue Centres

Offer up-to-date behaviour information to families with new puppies, as part of new puppy consultations, welcome packs, or to complement puppy classes.

Support your great practical sessions with take home information for new puppy families. Perfect for puppy classes or private consultations.

Once you've found those puppies the perfect home, give them the best start in life by giving their new guardians The Puppy Manual.

Keep those puppies and dogs in their forever homes by giving their guardians the best behaviour advice.

The Puppy Manual can be edited to 'The Dog Manual'

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (PLEASE READ: It's short but important) By purchasing The Puppy Manual, you agree to the following terms and conditions: ​ 1. Pet Perspective maintains a force-free philosophy, using positive reinforcement methods to help pets and their people. When editing or utilising Pet Perspective products, behavioural advice must be in keeping with this philosophy.  ​ 2. a) STANDARD LICENSE (PRINT DISTRIBUTION ONLY): You will hold ongoing copyright permission to distribute printed copies of the entire document, or printed selections to use as handouts. You may not distribute the digital version of the manual, or its contents. b) EXTENDED LICENSE (PRINT AND DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION):   You will hold ongoing copyright permission to distribute both printed and/or digital copies of the entire document, or selections to use as handouts, to your own clients. You may share either via print OR electronically to individual clients (i.e. by email, private link, or dropbox invitation). You may not make any part of the digital version of the document available for access by the general public.  ​ 3. You may not onsell The Puppy Manual in any form, to any third party, without the express permission of the author. 4. Editing the document is encouraged, however in order to protect the integrity of the document, all edits to the The Puppy Manual must be approved by Dr Jen Nesbitt-Hawes. You may not edit or make additions to the document without permission.

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