Do you run puppy classes?

You're running puppy classes and you want them to be the best that they can be.

You want all of your puppies (and their people) to start off on the right paw.

You'd love to have your own great content, but you don't have time to write up class notes.

You want to offer more than just a one-page handout at the end of each class.

You are in the right place.



1. The Puppy Manual Standard License

You really want to be able to provide your puppy owners with all the right advice. You would love to have tailored class notes to print out, either as a whole to give to your puppy school clients or in parts to give out as handouts. You understand that the standard license does not allow you to distribute the pdf electronically. Advantages include:

  • Increase in perceived worth when printed manual is provided.

  • Some clients are more likely to read printed documents.

  • Handy to leave open on the coffee table in a not-so-subtle hint for family members who may not be on board with certain aspects on training!

  • Easier to navigate than long pdf document (even with mobile friendly links).

2. The Puppy Manual Extended License

For businesses who prefer to send out digital pdfs to clients, this new mobile-friendly version of the Puppy Manual makes life easy. You receive an extended license, giving you permission to share either via print OR electronically to individual clients (i.e. by email, private link, or dropbox invitation). Please note that the file may not be distributed in publicly accessible areas including via social media or publicly accessible webpages. The mobile friendly pdf includes hyperlinks to sites, videos and books of interest, navigation links, and larger fonts to make it easier to read on handheld devices. Advantages include:

  • Send out the document as soon as a client has paid for enrolment (they don’t have to wait for your first session to receive all the good advice).

  • Some clients are more likely to read a document if it’s available on their device. Some are more likely to read printed documents. Make both options available and ensure more people read all the great advice. 

  • Save time and money by not having to print and collate.

  • Save trees 😊

  • The manual looks fancier in colour!


3. The Puppy School Powerpoint Presentation

Designed for puppy school instructors to show during your first (puppy-free) session. This powerpoint includes:

  • Photographs of dog body language to help you explain to your clients what to look for.

  • The video on Socialisation by ThatDogGeek, with copyright permission to show this offline.  

  • Interactive graphic demonstrating why you need to set your puppy up for success by providing a puppy proof area.

  • What is positive reinforcement and why we use it.

  • The importance of good timing (introducing bridging words and/or clickers).

  • Presenter’s notes for each page. If you are not confident presenting, you can just read the text!

  • Permission to edit*: You can change the order, rewrite the notes, and choose certain sections to show at different times through your course. *Any changes must align with the force free philosophy of the Puppy Manual.

  • An additional section on troubleshooting for any questions that may crop up.


4. The Puppy School Video Course

This course is launching in 2019! Purchasing annual access to the puppy school video course will allow your clients to sign in for free! This course has an introductory price of $25 per person. Each individual video is 3-10 minutes in length (perfect for busy people on the go). These videos are perfect for reviewing topics discussed in each class, or for catching up clients who have missed one of the sessions.

Topics include:

  • Understanding your dog (a 3-part module plus quiz).

  • Which treats (selecting appropriate treats and what foods to avoid).

  • Great Timing (introduction of clickers/bridging words).

  • Dominance and Dogmanship (an explanation of why we no longer talk about dominance, but take the responsibility of understanding and teaching our pups upon ourselves).

  • House Training

  • Play

  • And more topics will be created as the year goes on!


5. The Puppy Manual Behaviour Handouts

Sections taken from the Puppy Manual formatted into individual handouts (for printed distribution). These are really useful for clients not attending puppy school, who may have specific concerns with their puppy or dog, or for businesses running classes for older dogs.

  • Key topics such as: Understanding your dog, Puppy proofing and toilet training.

  • Easier to identify and access than selecting and printing out specific pages of the Puppy Manual (although you are still welcome to do this).

  • Flexible combination for those with a Puppy Manual Extended License; distribute the mobile friendly version, then print off one or two key topics each week.

6. Puppy School Instructor Training Seminars

Get the latest updates, hints and solutions for running puppy classes. Seminars are one day long and cover the essentials of running puppy classes, including set-up, socialisation, training methods, troubleshooting and more.

7. Puppy School Manual 2019 Update

This update contains information from all the latest publications and conferences. There are also some changes to wording, images, and a brand new formatting look (since mid-2018). There is a brand new chapter on Kids and Dogs, containing information on setting house-rules, how to greet dogs when you are out and about, and how to Be a Tree. 


Thank you for visiting my website! I am currently on maternity leave. Don't worry -  I am still able to provide Puppy Manuals and other puppy school support materials, but it just may take me up to a week to reply to your email. 


Please note that I am not offering behaviour consultations at this time. For alternative referral options please click here.

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