Great resources about kids and dogs:


Dog Safety with Wood Green, The Animals Charity

Stop the 77 by TheFamilyDog

Dog body language: What your dog is desperately trying to tell you

by TheFamilyDog


A Dog’s Story – Free App for Apple and Android

My review: This free app is great for teaching kids to interact with

dogs safely. It contains a minimal amount of marketing from Pedigree.

My three-year-old loves to play it, although needs help with reading the 

choices offered through the adventure. A great game for kids of all ages. 

From app store:

PEDIGREE® A Dog’s Story™ is an interactive adventure that teaches

children dog safety. On a magical adventure through beautiful

landscapes, children will meet different dogs and their owners – each of whom will teach important real-world lessons for kids to learn how to interact safely with dogs. 

• Endorsed by professional dog behaviorists
• Fun, engaging storyline for children
• Explore a beautiful animated world while learning
• 8 important dog safety lessons 
• Parent’s section with comprehensive information 
• Magical, interactive landscapes 
• No in app purchases

Doggone Crazy board game

Blue Dog CD

The Dog Smart card game


Colleen Pelar's book "Living With Kids and Dogs... Without Losing Your Mind"



Colleen Pelar's website


"What I learned (too late) about keeping kids safe around dogs" by Hope Reeves

"Setting the Stage for a Safe Interaction between Dogs and Kids" by Dr. Nancy Kay, DVM, DACVIM

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