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If you have kids, or dogs, or kids AND dogs, we highly recommend that you complete our Puppy Video Course; it's not just for puppies! You will learn to interpret dog body language, learn some suggestions for setting up your home, what house rules to put into place, how to work out if an interaction should be allowed to continue, and more!

You can sign up to the Pet Perspective Puppy Video Course here:

Great resources about kids and dogs:


Dog Safety with Wood Green, The Animals Charity

Stop the 77 by TheFamilyDog

Dog body language: What your dog is desperately trying to tell you

by TheFamilyDog


A Dog’s Story – Free App for Apple and Android

My review: This free app is great for teaching kids to interact with

dogs safely. It contains a minimal amount of marketing from Pedigree.

My three-year-old loves to play it, although needs help with reading the 

choices offered through the adventure. A great game for kids of all ages. 

From app store:

PEDIGREE® A Dog’s Story™ is an interactive adventure that teaches

children dog safety. On a magical adventure through beautiful

landscapes, children will meet different dogs and their owners – each of whom will teach important real-world lessons for kids to learn how to interact safely with dogs. 

• Endorsed by professional dog behaviorists
• Fun, engaging storyline for children
• Explore a beautiful animated world while learning
• 8 important dog safety lessons 
• Parent’s section with comprehensive information 
• Magical, interactive landscapes 
• No in app purchases

Doggone Crazy board game

Blue Dog CD

The Dog Smart card game


Colleen Pelar's book "Living With Kids and Dogs... Without Losing Your Mind"



Colleen Pelar's website


"What I learned (too late) about keeping kids safe around dogs" by Hope Reeves

"Setting the Stage for a Safe Interaction between Dogs and Kids" by Dr. Nancy Kay, DVM, DACVIM

A boy talking to his puppy who is looking relaxed with handling
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