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There is all sorts of behavioural advice out there on the internet. Some is good, some is not so good, and some can cause harm to your pet. Here are some trustworthy sources that you might like to check out for more information.

Cat in a box: Litter tray problems and solutions

My latest webinar for PPGA on problem solving house soiling issues in cats. Free to view at

Understanding Dog Body Language - 

The most essential knowledge for dog owners is how to understand their dogs. You can find out more about dog body language with these wonderful resources:

The Puppy Manual sample chapter is all about Understanding Dog Body Language. Download it for free here. Free resources and illustrations about body language and a great book, also by Lili Chen! The Dog Decoder app is a fun way to learn about dog body language. 


Companion Animal Psychology - Approachable and easy to read take on dog behaviour and the science behind. Also two great books available by Dr Zazie Todd - Wag and Purr - are well worth reading! 

The Glascow Dog Trainer - John McGuigan has some fabulous videos about dog training and putting it all into practice. Great for trainers and members of the public!

Clicker Training - Karen Pryor's fabulous website full of dog friendly resources, training courses and information.

Positively by Victoria Stilwell - Excellent resources for dog behaviour and training information

Kikopup - A YouTube channel with over 200 videos of how to reinforce dog behaviours, including capturing calmness and training muzzle wearing.

Dr Sophia Yin's website has some very good videos of timing and reinforcement in behaviour change.

Natural Encounters - Great for bird behaviour and training, as well as general information and clicker training

Behaviour Works - by Dr Susan Friedman. For great articles on parrot behaviour and the science of behaviour.

Patricia McConnell's website has also some wonderful articles about dog behaviour

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