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What pet professionals are saying:

The Puppy Manual is a helpful, modern approach to puppy care.

Dr Susan Friedman PhD

This video course is a great way to come to terms with how puppy and dog training has moved forward. Taking this course allows handlers to be confident they are doing no harm, whilst setting their pup or dog up for success in their training and relationship.


L Newman - Let's Go Fido

"The puppy manual is an invaluable tool for anyone looking for a current, up-to-date, dog training manual that complements their force-free puppy training classes. It has so much information and really easy to read - more engaging than a boring text book! 


Clients really love that they get to take away all the information that they get in a class - normally it's information overload, so it's nice for them to be able to walk away with step-by-step instructions to help them perfect their training in their own time and at their puppy’s own pace. I can't recommend it enough!" 

Marianne - Trainer - Sydney 

I wanted to let you know that I am so impressed with your Video Course and feel quite lucky to have come across it.  I love the low-key narration, the nurturing tone. It 'reads' like a bedtime story, delivered by a kind and sensitive caregiver, soothing and impactful all at once. To have the gentle and tolerant tone of the videos transferred to the pets, is the dream.  Thank you for hitting the sweet spot, and for producing such  a quality tool for me to use.

Cate Taylor - Kindred Creatures - Canada



“As a behaviour veterinarian, I own a business that offers a variety of puppy training classes as well as private training consultations. I purchased Dr Jen's puppy training manual because I did not have the time to write up my own booklet to give to my clients. I'm very fussy with giving out the correct information (especially in an industry where very outdated information is still hanging around!), so knowing that the author was a qualified behaviour veterinarian sparked my interest in investigating this option. After reading through the sample chapter, I was sold right away and did not hesitate to purchase the entire booklet! 


The information is based on sound science, but at the same time is presented in a way that is very easy to read for the average client and sometimes quite humorous. There are helpful pictures, links to interesting YouTube clips, and further reading recommendations for those who want to know more.

From a customer service point of view, Dr Jen was very approachable, easy to contact and open to taking my annotations into consideration (not that it really needed many). She also offered to personalise the booklet for my practice with my practice logo, contact details and even my practice's preferred preventative medicine policies. 


I highly recommend Dr Jen's puppy training manual to any small business who runs puppy preschool classes or private puppy training. You won't regret it!”


Dr Joanna McLachlan - Behaviour Veterinarian and Director - Pet Behaviour Vet

"This manual is very up to date on how to look after a puppy's behavioural health. It is written by a vet who has her memberships in Veterinary Behaviour so you know that the content is going to be valuable. I love the section about the body language signals and how to interpret them. It is a great way for owners to learn how to communicate with their dog. The manual is very detailed but well-organised so it is easy to direct owners to read the notes beforehand or after class as a refresher. An essential manual for all puppy owners and preschool educators!"

Dr Tina – Veterinarian - Newcastle. 

“I now offer all my pet guardians the opportunity to attend the Pet perspective presentation online as part of their consultation. It works wonderfully well! 
Dr.Jen at Pet Perspective has created life-changing knowledge in her videos for pet guardians and their dogs. It makes the behaviour modification programs and training sessions even more successful for all involved because pet guardians can better understand what their dogs are trying to communicate. 
Without a doubt, this adds a whole new dynamic to the guardian-pet relationship, strengthening the bond and enabling even greater success and understanding for all! 
All dog guardians can benefit from such valuable insight into these furry family members that enrich our lives without knowing it!”

Prue - Trainer - Victoria

"I give your Pet Perspective video link to everyone and those who have completed it say it has changed their lives with their dog. All great progress for making safer dogs in this little community!"
Ros - Dog training and boarding - Australia

This course has been great to develop my knowledge and comprehension of puppy classes! Dr Jen’s knowledge is extremely valuable and I’ve learnt a lot about all aspects of classes - Sami M, Aus

About the 'Puppy School Essentials' seminar

Jen is a really amazing speaker with a great amount of knowledge to share. She shared just the right amount of information so the presentation was easy to follow and her great personality made it that much more enjoyable. Worth every penny.

Eliana Loureiro - Veterinary Nurse - Sydney

Jen’s puppy preschool seminar was extremely informative and I’m really happy I went. I also learnt lots of new things about canine behaviour which I found very interesting! Natasha -  Central Coast

A great course, lots of informative info and interesting things I never knew! Thank you so much Jen for answering questions and being interactive - Jenny

What puppy families are saying:

First time puppy owner and my puppy is really thriving with an informed puppy owner :-) Thanks!

Gab - QLD Australia

I highly recommend Dr Jen's Puppy Video Course. It has given our family information about puppy behaviour that we had absolutely no clue about. It's a must watch for any puppy and dog owner.

Shannon G. - Sydney

The language is simple and understandable, and the tone is friendly and informative AND not patronising.

The images are clear and make sense.

Thanks for your work to make this so accessible.

Sam, Cundletown, NSW

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