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Manuals and Handouts FAQs

Manuals and handouts FAQs

 What's all this about licensing?

All Pet Perspective pdf documents are created and copyright is held by Pet Perspective. You will receive your own original document, tailored to your business. You can choose which distribution license you would prefer: 'Print Only' License or  'Print and Digital' Distribution License.

What's the 'Print Only' distribution license?

Ongoing permission to distribute printed versions of the entire manual to your clients, or print off individual pages to use as behaviour handouts. You may not distribute digitally or electronically. ADVANTAGES - Some people are more likely to remember to read a physical copy, or to share it with other members of the household. - Providing printed materials can increase the perceived value of Manuals and Handouts

What's the 'Print and Digital' distribution license?'

Ongoing permission to distribute printed versions of the entire manual to your clients, or print off individual pages to use as behaviour handouts, as per the Print Only License. PLUS you may share the pdf electronically to individual clients (i.e. by email, private link, or dropbox invitation). You may not post the Manual anywhere that it is accessible to the general public. ​TWO DOCUMENTS You receive the same document as the Print-Only License, for printing. You also receive an additional pdf. This mobile friendly version has larger font size for reading on mobile devices, hyperlinks to suggested books, YouTube videos and helpful websites and navigation links, so people can find information fast.  ADVANTAGES All the advantages of the Print Only License, PLUS - Send out the document as soon as a client has paid for enrolment (they don’t have to wait for your first session to receive all the good advice). - Some clients are more likely to read a document if it’s available on their device. Some are more likely to read printed documents. Make both options available and ensure to ensure more people read all your great advice. - Save time and money by not having to print and collate. - Save trees 😊 - The Manuals look fancier in colour!

Can I really request as many changes as I want?

Yes! After purchase, you'll be asked to provide your logo and business details. I'll add those to your personal pdf document and email it to you. It's ready to use as is, but you are encouraged to read through and send me a list of edits. Be sure to include any changes you like. I will make the changes (as long as they fit with a force free philosophy), then send you your finalised pdf.

Yes! If they're small adjustments that need to be made, you can send requests any time. The Puppy Manual and Kitten Manual both have official updates released every 2 years or so. When you choose to purchase an update, it's a good time to review and make further changes if desired.

Can I request more changes later?

If you've purchased the Manuals, you can definitely just print out individual chapters and give them out as handouts. However, if you want to have them branded as individual handouts (logo and your business details on separate documents), then we can do that too. You'll also need to purchase handouts if you want to send individual chapters digitally.

Do I need to purchase separate handouts?

Puppy School Instuctors FAQs

Puppy School Instructors' Course FAQs

How do I sign up?

For single enrolments: Click on the link on the Puppy School Instructors' Course product page. You will be taken to the Thinkific Landing page and from there can follow sign up and payment instructions. For multiple enrolments, purchase from the Pet Perspective online shop, and a voucher will be emailed to you for access.

Do you offer a discount for multiple enrolments?

Yes, indeed! There is a discount for signing up multiple staff from the same business or clinic. The discount is automatically calculated at the checkout.

I am a novice. Will I be able to run puppy classes after completing this course?

Puppy classes are one of the most complex and demanding dog training classes. This course on it's own won't make you a great puppy school instructor. What it will do is give you an overview of what's involved, as well as providing the latest updates in running a professional, ethical, and fun puppy class, to your best possible standards.

I am a qualified trainer and have been running puppy class for years. Is this course going to benefit me?

It’s always so hard to know, isn’t it!? I have been to courses previously that I thought would just be good revision and then my mind has been blown by someone with a new perspective, or teaching things I didn’t know I didn’t  know. If you do enrol and already know a lot of the material, then it's also good to refresh and know you’re on the right track! But let me give you a bit of an outline. The sections on timing, why we use positive reinforcement in training, and how to lure, reinforce, add cues etc you are probably familiar with. And you may have a handle on the troubleshooting section where there’ll be a bit of Susan Friedman’s ‘what would you like the puppy to do instead’! What’s new or different?  -There’s a shift in focus from puppy class as an early training forum, to understanding body language and ensuring owners can ‘read’ their puppies/dogs, and the recognition of the emotional health of our pups as the basis for the learning. This information is based on the work of professionals such as Dr Sarah Heath.  -There will also be a chapter specifically on managing dogs and kids, bite risks and teaching appropriate behaviours. If you are familiar with Colleen Pelar’s and Janis Bradley's work on that topic, you'll be aware of much of this.  -The idea of husbandry training and co-operative as part of puppy class is something that Dr Kersti Seksel, Dr Kat Gregory, and others have advocated in Puppy Classes in the last couple of years, and this will also be covered.  -There’s also a section on recognising pups with behaviour problems especially anxiety, at the level of puppy school, and what to do about it.  -There’ll also be a few hints on different setup options from myself, as well as some great suggestions I’ve borrowed from gurus like Dr Sarah Heath and Chirag Patel.  I’m a bit of a conference addict, so try to get to as many of the veterinary behaviour and dog training continuing education as possible - and then blend it all together to give you the best puppy school information possible!

How is the course structured?

The individual lessons are in video format and include me chatting to you about the interesting things on screen. This might be information and pictures in a PowerPoint style format, or videos of puppies in puppy classes. There are also lots of photos of cute puppies throughout to keep you going. There is also some written information, some quizzes to test yourself on whether you've picked up all the important points, and a certificate and bonus Pet Perspective voucher at the end!

How long is the course?

Each of the Chapters contains a few lessons which are around 10-20 minutes each. You can easily progress through the course by watching little bits whenever you can, or settle in for a longer time all at once if you prefer. Each of the eight Chapters takes roughly an hour to complete.

How do I get my Completion Certificate?

Once you've completed the Chapters, there is a final quiz. Your answers will be reviewed within 48 hours and you will be emailed with your results and certificate of completion. If your score is less than 80%, you can retake the quiz.

Any more information?

There's loads of information in the course! It’d be great to have you enrol. Please email me if you have any other questions, I’m always happy to help.

Puppy Video course How it wrks

Puppy Video Course FAQs

Can I preview the course?

Certainly! Just send me an email introducing yourself and I will send you a link.

How do my clients access the course?

The process will be identical to your course preview. You will be provided with a direct link that you can share with your clients. They just sign in to the course (with name and email address) and can watch the videos in their own time. They will have free access for 12 months from the date they sign in.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime before your next payment. Just send me an email. If you've accidentally automatically renewed an annual subscription, but want to change your mind, simply let me know within 30 days and I will issue a refund.

Puppy PowerPoint FAQs

Puppy PowerPoint  FAQs

Can I get a free sample?

Sure! Just send me an email introducing yourself and I'll send you a sample.

Can I edit the PowerPoint myself?

Yes, indeed! You may edit the PowerPoint as long as the edits are in keeping with a positive reinforcement based philosophy. If you need help with this, please ask.

How can I use the PowerPoint presentation?

Show it to people attending your puppy school, or private classes. This powerpoint is designed to be used with a speaker presenting (the slides do not contain enough information on their own). You can choose to present it in person, or you could record yourself presenting it and distribute it to your clients digitally in MP4 format.


We are so sure that you'll like our products that we guarantee them. How can we be so sure?


Businesses can preview the Puppy School Videos for one month for free. Our written materials have sample chapters that you can download to make sure the style and content fits with your business.


All written materials are TAILORED to your business. That means you can read through and request any edits and I will make them for you (with the exception of recommending any methods which rely on force, fear, or pain). This tailoring process means that your written material suits you and your business perfectly.


If you are not happy with any product, or process, within 7 days of purchase, then we will refund 100% of the purchase price on the condition that you will cease use of the product immediately.

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