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UPGRADE ONLY - If you have previously purchased The Kitten Manual with a Standard (Print-Only) License, you can upgrade to an Extanded License here. You will receive two documents, one for print distribution, and another for digital distribution. FOR ALL NEW KITTEN MANUAL PURCHASES PLEASE GO TO THE KITTEN MANUAL PRODUCT PAGE AND SELECT THE LICENSE VERSION YOU REQUIRE.

Upgrade your Kitten Manual

  • Upgrading to the Extended license version provides you with an additional Kitten Manual pdf especially designed for digital distribution. This allows you to share the pdf electronically to individual clients (i.e. by email, private link, or dropbox invitation). (You may not post the Manual anywhere that it is accessible to the general public.)

    The Extended License mobile friendly version has larger font size for reading on mobile devices. It contains hyperlinks to suggested books, YouTube videos and helpful websites. Naturally, this can include links to your website for various information specific to your business. The Manual mobile-friendly versions also contain navigation links, so people can find information fast. 


    All the great points of the Standard License, PLUS:

    Send out the document as soon as a client has paid for enrolment (they don’t have to wait for your first session to receive all the good advice).

    Some clients are more likely to read a document if it’s available on their device. Some are more likely to read printed documents. Make both options available and ensure to ensure more people read all the great advice.

    Save time and money by not having to print and collate.

    Save trees 😊

    The manual looks fancier in colour!

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