The Puppy Manual prides itself on providing up-to-date advice to your clients - so every couple of years we release an official update!


The 2019 edit also contains an essential addition - a new chapter on Kids and Dogs! This includes: 

  • Setting house-rules to keep kids and dogs safe and happy 

  • When and how to greet an unfamiliar dog

  • Be a Tree for kids

The Puppy Manual undergoes constant review, as changes in our knowledge progress. Information comes from publications, conferences and seminars, as well as through collaboration with the knowledgable trainers and veterinarians who review and edit their own copies of the document. The number of smaller edits and corrections builds up over time, so you'll find the number of these will vary depending how long ago you bought your Puppy Manual. 


As your  Puppy Manual is tailored to you, all your previous changes and edits will be transferred to your updated Puppy Manual. When you receive your update, you'll also have the opportunity to review your document and make further edits as well. 

The 2019 Puppy Manual Update is AUD$125, for the document provided to your business as a pdf file. The copyright permissions will remain the same, depending on whether you have purchased the Standard or Extended License.

We anticipate a new Puppy Manual update in 2021!





1. Request an invoice

Choose whether you'd like to purchase an update, or whether you'd prefer to upgrade to the Extended License and receive the latest update for free.


2. Payment

You can pay using PayPal, or direct deposit.


3. Receive your updated version of the Puppy Manual pdf. Do a little happy dance!


4. Make it yours!

Read your copy and take the opportunity to send me any further edits. I will make the changes (as long as they fit with a force free philosophy), then send you your finalised pdf.


5. Use it!

Print your very own Puppy Manual as an entire document for new puppy owners, or print out sections to use as behavioural handouts. Extended License holders have permission to share electronically with individual clients.

By purchasing the Puppy Manual Update, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


1. Pet Perspective maintains a force-free philosophy, using positive reinforcement methods to help pets and their people. When editing or utilising Pet Perspective products, behavioural advice must be in keeping with this philosophy. 

2. a) STANDARD LICENSE: You will hold ongoing copyright permission to distribute printed copies of the entire document, or printed selections to use as handouts. You may not distribute the digital version of the manual, or its contents.

b) EXTENDED LICENSE: You will hold ongoing copyright permission to distribute both printed and/or digital copies of the entire document, or selections to use as handouts, to your own clients. You may share either via print OR electronically to individual clients (i.e. by email, private link, or dropbox invitation). You may not make any part of the digital version of the document available for access by the general public.


3. You may not onsell the manual in any form, to any third party.

4. Editing the document is encouraged, however in order to protect the integrity of the document, all edits to the The Puppy Manual must be approved by Dr Jen Nesbitt-Hawes. You may not edit or make additions to the document without permission.