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A single chapter of The Puppy Manual, formatted as a stand-alone handout and branded to your business. This is provided as a short pdf document, which can be tailored to you and your business. We will start by adding your logo and business details and then the choice is yours. You can use your base document immediately as is, or read through and request changes. 


PLEASE NOTE: This handout may be purchased either as a PRINT-ONLY version, or as an EXTENDED LICENSE version that contains two separately formatted pdfs, allowing print and/or digital distribution. 


How Dogs Learn

PriceFrom $44.00
  • 'How Dogs Learn' discusses basic learning theory in a friendly and approachable fashion. Reinforcement and punishment based methods are discussed, with a section on the reasons that punishment is no longer considered the best way to train. Advice is given on reframing the question into teaching what to do instead, with a reminder that learning is always happening, not just during 'training sessions'.


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